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1. Company profile

img     JSP AKTUEL DOOEL - Skopje is a company incorporated before 15 years and is operating in the area of trade and distribution of food (particularly diary products) and beverages in the region of the Republic of Macedonia, imported from various well-known manufacturers, which produce and own famous world trademarks.
General Manager : Gjoko Sterjoski .
Our mission is to provide the highest-quality food and beverage products for the consumers at the Macedonian market, which promote healthy and nutritious diet. Additionally, we are working on gaining the confidence of our permanent customers, as well as the final consumers and provide on-time supply of the products. Our partners are carefully chosen; all of them embrace excellent and modern manufacturing technologies, which give the final consumer the highest levels of quality in each product.
Our vision is to grow our business, develop new and more efficient management strategies and to enter geographic areas in our country that are not yet exploited; all with pursue to increase our profits.
In the frame of our company there are several departments and the work flow is carefully divided between them:

Import Department,

Wholesale and Logistics Department (Commerce),

Distribution Department,

Financial Department


Графички приказ на организацијата во ЏС Актуел


    Our company is general representative and exclusive distributor for the territory of the Republic of Macedonia for product assortments from following brand trademarks:


Country of production : Poland (Made by Swedish recipe)

BORDS EVE ,ADELA (margarins)
DUET (milk cream cheese)


Country of origin and production : Austria

Fruit Juices , Ice Teas and Energy Drinks


Country of origin and production : France

Brands : PRESIDENT, LACTEL, BRIDEL, LOCATELLI, SOCIETE ( Butters , Processed Cheese , Hard Cheese , and other milk and dairy products )


Country of origin and production : Croatia

Brands :
DUKAT : Milk and Diary products (yoghurt, sour cream, fruit yoghurt)
SIRELA : Processed Cheese PICOK , Hard Cheese PODRAVEC.


Country of origin and production : Serbia


Type of product : Diary product – Feta cheese


Country of origin and production : Slovenia

Brand : PIVKA assortment of chicken manufacturing (chicken frankfurter and salami) and frozen  chicken meat (chick, drumstick and Chicken legs  , Chicken legs, liver…)


Country of origin and production  : Poland

Brand : SORAYA cosmetic products (world known brands)


Country of origin and production  : Poland

Brand : BERGEN cookies  (many types of cookies, height quality with good prices)


    This department is responsible and charged for planning, organizing and managing of the importing process of the previously mentioned ranges of products. Further, the actual department explores the conditions in the market and looks for new brands, which prove to be potentially interesting for the Macedonian market. In addition, the import department develops cooperation and working relationships with new business partners which export products in the food and beverages sectors.
The import department, at the same time, directly collaborates with our sales department, because the coordination between purchasing of quantity of goods and optimal necessary stock is essential element for permanent supply for our customers/consumers.
We understand that learning and following the current trends in the industry is essential for our company to be sustainable; therefore attendance at fairs/exhibitions for food and beverage producers in many countries (throughout Europe mostly) is also one of the tasks of this department.



    These two strategic units, incorporated in one department, are obliged for planning, organizing and managing the process of sales of imported goods. These departments are responsible for the whole process from the entry to the leave of the imported goods.
This department takes care for the following activities:

investigation and analysis of market conditions and economic conditions in the country

following of competitive products and the progress of the competition in general

analysis of flow and dynamics of  sales

organizing promotions and action sales with purpose of increasing sales and awareness of customers, as well as, final consumers

In addition, this department is responsible for the following internal tasks:

follow volumes of movement and attendance at the locations of retail

building permanent contacts with responsible personnel of our business partners and producers of brand products for which we are general representatives in Macedonia

gathering data from terrain and undertaking quick activities with purpose to increase of wholesale.

discovering new modes of sales in accordance with actual market conditions and trends


    The basic task of this department is distribution of imported goods on whole territory of our country. Special accent in activities of this department is put on:

planning, organizing and logistic help in the process of distribution

managing the distribution

quick and responsive supply for our customers and on-time delivery

providing the commercial department with necessary data from terrain


These department is responsible for all  issues  which are correlated to finance, some of them are written  bellow :

Financial statements

Credit notes, invoices

Current account


Letter of credit,

Bank Guarantees and etc.

7. Subsidiary



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