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1. Is Bords Eve margarine suitable during the period of fast?

2. ...Does Pfanner juice contain sugar in it?

3. Is it better for children and teenagers to use full fat milk or milk with smaller percent of milky fats?

4. Can children use products that contain LGG?


Question_1 [ Milena  Atanasovska – Skopje ] :
Is Bords Eve margarine suitable during the periods of fasts ?

Answer :
Bords  Eve is a regular margarine, this is  not  a  suitable margarine for  the period of fasts.
Bords Eve as  always meets the needs of it’s loyal customers and that’s why   for the period of fast we have special  edition  of Bords Eve margarine without  milk fats , which is  made only of vegetable  oil and fats. This   special  edition  of Bords Eve margarine which  you can find it  in you nearest market  during the period  of fast. The appearance of Bords  Eve  margarine is very similar as the regular one, the only difference is the that this special edition margarine    has a sticker on it on  which is written  MARGARINE  FOR FAST. For those customers who would like to  consume only  margarine  made of vegetable oil and fats, not only  for the period of fast, we would like to recommend you the margarine ADELA . The margarine Adela is  produced   by the same producer as Bords Eve , RAISIO POLSKA . This margarine  is available in two different packages of 500 gr. and  250 gr. This is  vegetable spread margarine and you can use it with all  kinds of  breads and snacks.
The Adela’s  motto is  :  This is my favourite taste!! Try it ...


Question_2 [ Elena Milanovska – Bitola ] :
Hi, ....
The level of sugar in my blood has raised and now I have real problem .
I  enjoy  drinking fruit juices , but in Bitola it’s  very hard to find the  appropriate juice … because a lot of  producers have   written on the declaration that their product do not contain sugar, but I doubt if that is true .
I would like to ask you does Pfanner juices contain sugar in it ?

Answer :
Pfanner has a wide range of products, some of this products contain and some of them do not contain sugar in it .
Basically all of Pfanner juices that are made of  100% fruit, in Their content do not have sugar .
Pfanner applies rigid and high quality standard production, accompanied with a constant system of quality assurance and monitoring and has all healthy certificates .
Pfanner produces high quality products  from the natures gifts and uses clean and ecologically safe water from the sole of the Alps mountains .

In the list below I have written all the Pfanner juices that not contain sugar in it:

Сок Pfanner ПОРТОКАЛ 100% 2Л

Pfanner Orange 100% 1 liter

Pfanner Orange with Pulp 2 liter

Pfanner Apple 100% 2 liter

Pfanner Apple 100% 1 liter

Pfanner Grapefruit 100% 2 liter

Pfanner Grapefruit 100% 1 liter

Pfanner Pineapple 100% 1 liter

Pfanner Multivitamin 100% 1 liter

Pfanner Orange Diet 1 liter

Pfanner Multivitamin-Diet 1 liter

We would like to recommend you the juice PFANNER MULTIVITAMIN - DIET of 1 liter.

This juice every day is becoming more popular between all of our customers, not only by those who have problem with the level of sugar in their blood.              

Question_3 [ Natasha  Nedeljkovik – Skopje ] :
Is it better for  children and teenagers to use full fat milk or semi-skimmed milk ?

Answer :
Generally speaking, before the age of five it is best to give children full fat milk because the additional fat it contains compared with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk is a useful source of extra energy.
After the age of five, provided a child is eating well and having a good, varied diet there is no reason why you shouldn't introduce semi-skimmed milk.
Until the teenage years it really remains a matter of personal choice – full fat milk would also be fine unless a child is overweight in which case semi-skimmed would be preferable.
As a child enters their teens they should be following the same kind of healthy eating plan that we would recommend to adults: plenty of fruit and vegetables, lots of carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta and potatoes, but trying to avoid too much salt, sugar and fat.  The milk of each species of animal is a complete food for its young. Moreover, one pint of  milk contributes about 90 percent of the calcium, 30 to 40 percent of the riboflavin, 25 to 30 percent of the protein, 10 to 20 percent of the calories and vitamins A and B, and up to 10 percent of the iron and vitamin D needed by a human adult. The every day  consumption of milk is  recommended and it  will provide  a normal development of the human organism ....


Question_4 [ Boban Aleksoski – Ohrid ] :
Can children use products that contain LGG ?

The scientific research has shown that products that contain LGG can be used /consumed by children that are older than 6 months, or to children besides consuming breast milk and feed with other kinds of food .  
It’s not recommended for children that are younger than 6 months to consume products that contain LGG, although this is not scientifically confirmed .
( Contraindications have not appeared ) ...


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